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Collection: Single Origin Coffee

Discover the Flavor Profiles of Origin

Single origin coffees allow coffee lovers to explore the unique flavor profiles that emerge from distinct geographic growing regions. By sourcing beans from a single farm or cooperatives within a defined region, the taste and aroma of the coffee truly represents its place of cultivation.

What is Single Origin Coffee?

As defined by the Specialty Coffee Association, single origin coffee refers to coffee beans that are all grown within a single known geographic origin. This could be as small as a single farm or collectively from a group of nearby farms. Unlike blended coffees where beans from different origins are combined, single origin coffees allow the nuanced characteristics imparted by the soil, climate, elevation and growing practices of a particular area to shine through in each cup.

Single Origin Coffee Belt - World Map

The Benefits of Single Origins

  1. Traceability - Knowing the exact farm or cooperative a coffee came from provides transparency.
  2. Seasonality - Single origins are harvested and have a limited window of freshness to be enjoyed at their peak before next year's crop.
  3. Complexity of Flavor - Factors like elevation, rainfall and sunlight create flavors unique to an origin like notes of berry, chocolate or nuts.
  4. Sustainability - By sourcing directly from growers, roasters can ensure ethical growing and fair wages through partnerships.

Our Decaffeinated Single Origin Coffee

We are proud to offer a Lima Llama's Decaf from Peru processed using the premium Swiss Water method. This gentle process removes caffeine without chemicals, retaining the natural flavor, body and acidity of the original beans. Roasting brings forth bright berry and floral notes with a silky smooth finish characteristic of Peruvian beans.

Characteristic Lima Llama's Decaf - Peru
Region Lima, Peru
Process Swiss Water Decaffeination
Notes Bright berry, floral
Acidity Medium-high
Body Medium

Discover for yourself why our naturally processed single origin decaf maintains the complexity and enjoyment of its caffeinated counterpart. Reach out if you have any other questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Single Origin Coffee

QUESTION: What defines Single Origin Coffee?
ANSWER: Single Origin Coffee is sourced from a single geographical location, providing unique flavor profiles that reflect its specific growing conditions.
QUESTION: How does Single Origin differ from blended coffee?
ANSWER: Unlike blends, Single Origin Coffee beans are harvested from one specific area, offering a distinct taste and aroma that showcases the region's unique characteristics.
QUESTION: What are the benefits of choosing Single Origin Coffee?
ANSWER: Single Origin Coffee offers greater traceability, a unique taste experience, and the opportunity to appreciate the subtle differences influenced by the bean's origin.
QUESTION: Can I taste the difference with Single Origin Coffee?
ANSWER: Yes, Single Origin Coffees often exhibit a more complex and robust flavor profile compared to blends, making them highly prized among coffee connoisseurs.