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Collection: Decaffeinated Coffee

Premium Decaffeinated Coffee without Compromise

Third River Coffee offers a selection of decaffeinated coffees made using the premium Swiss Water process, maintaining full, natural flavor.

Swiss Water Decaffeination Process 

The Swiss Water Process is a natural decaffeination method that has been used for over a century. It is a gentle steam extraction method that removes caffeine without the use of harmful solvents. In the process, green coffee beans are soaked in highly purified and carbonated water called "Ma Mere" or Mother Water. The Mother Water is saturated with carbon dioxide under pressure, causing the caffeine molecules to dissolve away from the coffee beans and into the aqueous solution. After absorption is complete, the beans are removed and rinsed. They are then dried and gently roasted to develop their flavors without any residual chemicals. This method allows the coffee's natural taste, acids, oils and fragrances to remain intact, yielding a cup that is close to its original caffeinated version in complexity and enjoyment.

  • Unroasted green beans are immersed in heated, carbon-dioxide saturated water.
  • Caffeine molecules dissolve into the solution, leaving other compounds intact.
  • No chemicals are involved, protecting a coffee's intricate characteristics.

Swiss Water Decaffeination Process

Signature Single Origins

Lima Llama's Decaf - Peru:
Bright berry and floral notes with a silky smooth finish. Processed using premium Mother Waters.